Swirl Bread Rollers

The bread that you are soon going to make is irreplaceable you for sure will get addicted to it, List of ingredients is divided into two parts 

Ingredients required for making the bread 

  • all-purpose flour ( about two cups) 
  • baking soda (one small spoon) 
  • salt (half a small spoon) 
  • chocolate chips (Semi-sweet) 
  • One egg (Large-sized) 
  • Dark brown and granulated sugar 
  • buttermilk (do not use any other milk than buttermilk as this recipe strictly requires buttermilk) 
  • vegetable oil (substitute- canola coconut oil) 
  • vanilla extract (one small spoon) 

Ingredients required for making the swirl 

  • ground cinnamon (one big spoon) 
  • granulated sugar 


  1. Turn your oven on and then heat it to about three hundred and fifty degrees, take a nonstick spray and spray it on your loaf pan (make sure that the size is nine x five), I would suggest that you use a pan which has a dark mark. 
  1. We will start with making the swirl and for it, you will have to combine the sugar and the cinnamon, take a small-sized bowl and in that bowl add cinnamon and sugar, use a spoon to mix it after mixing keep the bowl aside. 
  1. After swirl we are supposed to make bread for it you would require a large-sized bowl in that bowl add baking soda, chocolate chips, salt, and flour(toss it), now mix all the ingredients after mixing properly keep the large-sized bowl aside. Now take a medium-sized bowl and in that bowl break an egg, whisk it after whisking add granulated and brown sugar, once done adding all the required ingredients start mixing (always remember there is no place for lumps in this recipe), now add oil, vanilla, and buttermilk to the bowl, after adding all the remaining ingredients mix again. It’s time to combine the wet and the dry ingredients start with pouring the wet ingredients and once both, wet and dry ingredients are in the same bowl, whisk them make sure you leave no lumps but do not overmix  
  1. Now it’s time to pour almost the half of your batter into your pan (make sure that you do it evenly) once done with pouring the batter top the batter with the sugar-cinnamon mixture, if feeling greedy by looking at the chocolate chips then do not worry you can get greedy and sprinkle some more  
  1. Cover your bread with a foil sheet and after covering bake it for about fifty to sixty minutes, to check if it’s properly baked use a toothpick and poke in its center before you begin cutting the bread allow it to cool down 
  1. If you are not planning to finish the entire bread you can cover it tightly and keep it at normal room temperature and like this, it would stay fresh and the most amazing thing is that after two days the flavor of the bread intensifies, you can freeze it and then it would stay in an edible condition for almost two months 

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