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Food Prices For Shipping

3 lbs. of beef, 6 rings of sausage (2 lbs.) and 1 whole chicken for only $65.00! This special price includes both shipping and handling anywhere in the USA! Call us now to take advantage of this great deal!

  • All of our shipping is done through the US postal office unless you desire otherwise.
  • With shipping, you are only charged the actual amount that it cost for us to send your package.
  • We work with several carriers to ensure that you the customer is getting the lowest possible shipping rate.
  • Since the orders are placed in by phone we apply the fees for shipping only after we have the exact price of shipping as each destination is different.
  • We can ship overnight or 2-3 day ( It’s much more economical w/ the 2-3 day service)
  • We ensure an enjoyable product like that of dining in by using our styrofoam containers which we tightly seal and place gel ice packs inside.
  • This keeps the items that aren’t completely frozen refrigerated and since all our foods are fully cooked this process is completely safe (Immediate refrigeration is highly recommended upon arrival).
  • We also ship whole briskets, boxes of sausage and anything on our menu, call 512-398-6027 for details.