Kitchen Appliances


  • The first step is all about deciding what you want, which is the style that defines you and your kitchen? Are you a farmhouse lover? Or do you prefer a modern and clean look? or are you a creative person, this step is one of the most important steps you need to finally decide what you want to go through some sites and choose the style, m asking you to go through sites like Houzz and Pinterest so that you get to know about the trending styles 
  • The second step is dedicated to the cabinets, you need to find out if they are in  a nice shape, if they really are in a nice shape then just paint them and they will be good to go, if you think you won’t be able to do it properly own your because you have never done such a thing before then go to youtube and take help of any blogger, there are a lot of videos on how to paint your cabinet the right way, you can even paint the bottom ones with a different color than the color that used for the upper cabinets, go for some dark color when painting the bottom ones and a lighter color for the main ones, if the bottom is steel then go for white color 
  • Let’s move towards the countertops, changing the material to granite or quartz equals to thousands of dollars so I would recommend you to go for the industrial look, which means concrete countertop and if you do not want to go for the industrial look then you can simply go for off-white counters as they are not only versatile by nature but also look warmer, do not like white? go for the wood countertops, they look amazing, bring an inviting vibe to the house and they even make sure that your pockets do not get a heart attack, wooden countertops fit perfectly in a tight budget. 
  • Are you on a really tight budget? do not worry backsplash will help you cut down the cost, they are super cheap and are actually available in all the nearby stores, the market is full of various options 
  • Let’s focus on the floor now, if you change the floor it would simply give a new look to your kitchen, the wood laminate is one of the best options, why? Because it is waterproof, cheap and highly durable, there are a lot of options available when it comes to laminate flooring. Changing the floor makes the kitchen look different. 
  • Last but not the least, appliances, you need to rearrange them, keep the ones that you do not use much often inside and keep only the ones you use every single day out and if you want your appliances to look shiny and stainless, you can use automotive spray, and if you are really planning to spray your appliances then go for Giani it is one of the best because it is not just a color it actually has real liquid steel. 

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