How to smoke ribs in an Electric Smoker

Smoked ribs are right up at the top of the priority list of people who love smoked meats, smoked ribs require getting one’s hands dirty but the taste that they leave in a person’s mouth is worth it. Smoked ribs are scrumptious and one of the most delicious meals out there in the world. Smoking ribs using an Electric smoker is relatively easy as an electric smoker is easy to use and are very convenient but they too have a drawback that is, electric smokers lose a significant amount of heat whilst they are opened during smoking so as to baste them with sauce.

The first step in smoking ribs using an electric smoker for ribs is to thaw the ribs by taking them out of the refrigerator before smoking and letting them thaw at room temperature, one should be aware of the fact that the fat between the ribs should not be removed as it is what keeps the ribs moist and tasty. Before starting up the electric smoker one should soak the wood chips for an hour before the smoking process, different typed of wood chips can be used together so as to infuse a brilliant smoky taste to the ribs, for example, hickory or mesquite add a hearty and a strong flavor to the smoked ribs.

How to smoke ribs in an Electric Smoker
How to smoke ribs in an Electric Smoker

Ribs should be seasoned with salt and pepper before smoking, also one should prepare their basting beforehand preferably in a spray bottle so as to evenly sauce up the ribs thus preventing the opening of the electric smoker many times. After these steps are done the electric smoker should be preheated to 225 degrees F, one should also put some oil over the chrome plated grates so as to prevent the meat from sticking to the surface of the grates also be aware as to leave ample spaces between different ribs allowing them to cook evenly from every surface. After these steps, the lid of the electric smoker should be closed and an even temperature should be maintained.

One should resist from peeking at the ribs as this will lead to the loss of heat as once an electric smoker is opened the entire heat that is trapped within the smoker escapes and thus the temperature inside the smoker is not maintained and this, in turn, will jeopardize the taste of the ribs. After placing the ribs in the electric smoker, be on the lookout for the fact that the temperature within the smoker is stable and is not fluctuating. After the ribs for cooked almost two hours take the ribs out of the smoker and then the ribs should be sprayed by the basting sauce thoroughly, the ribs should be coated entirely in the basting sauce as it will prevent the ribs from losing their moisture and prevents them from losing their juicy texture.

If the ribs are to be smoked properly and to maximize the flavor of the ribs, the ribs should be wrapped in heavy-duty, thick aluminum foil before being put back into the electric smoker. The ribs are pretty much done after being smoked for about five hours in the smoker, the loose meat from the bone is an important indicator of the fact that the ribs are cooked properly and are done. After taking the ribs out of the smoker, the ribs should be allowed to rest for some time as this ensures that the ribs absorb all the juices from the smoking process and the smoky flavor does not escape the ribs, it also makes the ribs much more tender and juicy.

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