DIY Hacks For Your Room

Do you have a really small room and you wish to decorate it and yet do not want it to look clumsy and full of clutter then here are some DIY HACKS for you 


  1. Do you have a lamp and do not have the right space for it?do not worry simply hang it, like this the space on your side table would get free and you can keep something else on it. 
  2. Console tables are the best for small rooms as they easily double as a table and a shelf, it won’t cause much pain in your pocket.
  3. Use PVC pipes and fix them at the back of your door, once done with the fixing start hanging your towels on them.
  4. Use your desk as your bedside-table; all you need to do is disguise it.
  5. Don’t use the footboard use the desk.

Wish to decorate your room, your home? 

  1. Start with organizing things, organized stuff not only looks clean but stylish, you might have a lot of keys in your house, if yes then you require to a holder for them so that they do not make your room or your home look messy, you can buy one or make one for yourself, making it would be easy and super fun and in the end it would help you keep your keys organized at least.
  2. Take your terracotta pot and paint it, it would not only make the pot look new but would also catch the attention
  3. Start hanging your jewelry, the market is full of jewelry holders and they are pretty much cheap.
  4. If the headboard of your bed has a lot of scratches and does not look up to the mark then you can simply use the idea of sugar and cloth, first of all, you are required to apply a peel and then stick the brass.
  5. Get a little creative and paint something, for instance, a leaf so that you can bring the nice vibe inside your home and then frame it and hang it on your wall, do not worry even if you are bad at the painting you can buy one from the nearby store.
  6. Make a coat holder using an accordion rack and contact paper; coat holders give a nice luxurious look to the apartment.
  7. Concrete vases are on the trending list and you can easily paint them, put some nice plants in them.
  8. Add a little spark to your boring laundry baskets, Graphics baskets put stickers on your boring baskets or you can write some silly quotes on them.
  9. Are you a book lover?if yes then you might have a lot of books if yes then arrange them according to their color, put them on a shelf which is in the corner and then while arranging them follow the color code, it would make your books appear catchy. 
  10. Paint your boring jars use sprays to paint them and later put colored labels on them, yes after being painted they would not only look new but would make the surrounding look more tolerable



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