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How to smoke ribs in an Electric Smoker

Smoked ribs are right up at the top of the priority list of people who love smoked meats, smoked ribs require getting one’s hands dirty but the taste that they leave in a person’s mouth is worth it. Smoked ribs are scrumptious and one of the most delicious meals out there in the world. Smoking ribs using an Electric smoker is relatively easy as an electric smoker is easy to use and are very convenient but they too have a drawback that is, electric smokers lose a significant amount of heat whilst they are opened during smoking so as to baste them with sauce.

The first step in smoking ribs using an electric smoker for ribs is to thaw the ribs by taking them out of the refrigerator before smoking and letting them thaw at room temperature, one should be aware of the fact that the fat between the ribs should not be removed as it is what keeps the ribs moist and tasty. Before starting up the electric smoker one should soak the wood chips for an hour before the smoking process, different typed of wood chips can be used together so as to infuse a brilliant smoky taste to the ribs, for example, hickory or mesquite add a hearty and a strong flavor to the smoked ribs.

Ribs should be seasoned with salt and pepper before smoking, also one should prepare their basting beforehand preferably in a spray bottle so as to evenly sauce up the ribs thus preventing the opening of the electric smoker many times. After these steps are done the electric smoker should be preheated to 225 degrees F, one should also put some oil over the chrome plated grates so as to prevent the meat from sticking to the surface of the grates also be aware as to leave ample spaces between different ribs allowing them to cook evenly from every surface. After these steps, the lid of the electric smoker should be closed and an even temperature should be maintained.

One should resist from peeking at the ribs as this will lead to the loss of heat as once an electric smoker is opened the entire heat that is trapped within the smoker escapes and thus the temperature inside the smoker is not maintained and this, in turn, will jeopardize the taste of the ribs. After placing the ribs in the electric smoker, be on the lookout for the fact that the temperature within the smoker is stable and is not fluctuating. After the ribs for cooked almost two hours take the ribs out of the smoker and then the ribs should be sprayed by the basting sauce thoroughly, the ribs should be coated entirely in the basting sauce as it will prevent the ribs from losing their moisture and prevents them from losing their juicy texture.

If the ribs are to be smoked properly and to maximize the flavor of the ribs, the ribs should be wrapped in heavy-duty, thick aluminum foil before being put back into the electric smoker. The ribs are pretty much done after being smoked for about five hours in the smoker, the loose meat from the bone is an important indicator of the fact that the ribs are cooked properly and are done. After taking the ribs out of the smoker, the ribs should be allowed to rest for some time as this ensures that the ribs absorb all the juices from the smoking process and the smoky flavor does not escape the ribs, it also makes the ribs much more tender and juicy.…

Time For Breadcrumbs

  1. Take a medium-sized bowl and in that bowl add salt, flour, and sugar, use a spoon to combine all these ingredients together and in the end add butter (diced), after adding butter pieces toss them all in flour, You can use your hands to rub the diced butter (make sure that you wash your hands before doing this or wear clean gloves) at a certain point the butter would start resembling breadcrumbs.
  2. Take a small bowl and break an egg in it and beat it properly once beaten drizzle it in the flour and you can use a fork to mix the beaten egg, once you see that the dough has started forming clumps, use your hands or a spoon to form a proper dough once the dough is prepared, press the prepared dough into a disc and then refrigerate it for at least an hour.
  3. It’time to make some custard and for making the custard you would require vanilla, milk, cream, nutmeg and cinnamon sticks. Add all the ingredients required in a bowl and then mix all of these together after mixing all of these ingredients transfer them to a pan (large-sized), place the pan on your stove and then turn your stove on, set the level of heat at low and then after a while turn off your stove and cover the pan, leave for at least an hour once it reaches the room temperature place it back on your stove, turn your stove on and this time cook until it starts boiling, once boiled add yolk, use a spoon to whisk, side by side add rum, once done with pouring rum mix, discard the bubbles using a spoon. 
  4. Now it’s time to heat your oven and once done heating roll pastry out on a surface which is floured, drape shallow tart, loose-bottomed tin, don’t forget to push them into the corner and if you see any excess trim them.
  5. Time to re-roll the pastry and after rolling you are required to use cutters,I would suggest you use the one which is star-shaped as they will help you decorate the dish, make sure that all the stars are not of the same size, now take a baking sheet out place it on a tray and put all the stars onto it, take a brush and dip it in yolk, use it to brush the stars. 
  6. Now it’s time you take the base and line it with baking paper ( just take a piece and crumble it), now fill it with baking rice or beans, now its time for some baking, bake the stars and the base (this might take about twenty minutes). 
  7. Once baked transfer the stars to some plate and place the base into your oven again for at least ten minutes, brush the base(the inside) using the yolk, bake for a minute and then keep it aside for a while.
  8. On a baking tray, place the tart case place it in your oven, time to pour your custard on the top of it and after adding custard shut the door of your oven and start baking, bake for about thirty minutes, after baking allow it to reach room temperature after it you can decorate it.

Kitchen Appliances


  • The first step is all about deciding what you want, which is the style that defines you and your kitchen? Are you a farmhouse lover? Or do you prefer a modern and clean look? or are you a creative person, this step is one of the most important steps you need to finally decide what you want to go through some sites and choose the style, m asking you to go through sites like Houzz and Pinterest so that you get to know about the trending styles 
  • The second step is dedicated to the cabinets, you need to find out if they are in  a nice shape, if they really are in a nice shape then just paint them and they will be good to go, if you think you won’t be able to do it properly own your because you have never done such a thing before then go to youtube and take help of any blogger, there are a lot of videos on how to paint your cabinet the right way, you can even paint the bottom ones with a different color than the color that used for the upper cabinets, go for some dark color when painting the bottom ones and a lighter color for the main ones, if the bottom is steel then go for white color 
  • Let’s move towards the countertops, changing the material to granite or quartz equals to thousands of dollars so I would recommend you to go for the industrial look, which means concrete countertop and if you do not want to go for the industrial look then you can simply go for off-white counters as they are not only versatile by nature but also look warmer, do not like white? go for the wood countertops, they look amazing, bring an inviting vibe to the house and they even make sure that your pockets do not get a heart attack, wooden countertops fit perfectly in a tight budget. 
  • Are you on a really tight budget? do not worry backsplash will help you cut down the cost, they are super cheap and are actually available in all the nearby stores, the market is full of various options 
  • Let’s focus on the floor now, if you change the floor it would simply give a new look to your kitchen, the wood laminate is one of the best options, why? Because it is waterproof, cheap and highly durable, there are a lot of options available when it comes to laminate flooring. Changing the floor makes the kitchen look different. 
  • Last but not the least, appliances, you need to rearrange them, keep the ones that you do not use much often inside and keep only the ones you use every single day out and if you want your appliances to look shiny and stainless, you can use automotive spray, and if you are really planning to spray your appliances then go for Giani it is one of the best because it is not just a color it actually has real liquid steel. 

DIY Hacks For Your Room

Do you have a really small room and you wish to decorate it and yet do not want it to look clumsy and full of clutter then here are some DIY HACKS for you 


  1. Do you have a lamp and do not have the right space for it?do not worry simply hang it, like this the space on your side table would get free and you can keep something else on it. 
  2. Console tables are the best for small rooms as they easily double as a table and a shelf, it won’t cause much pain in your pocket.
  3. Use PVC pipes and fix them at the back of your door, once done with the fixing start hanging your towels on them.
  4. Use your desk as your bedside-table; all you need to do is disguise it.
  5. Don’t use the footboard use the desk.

Wish to decorate your room, your home? 

  1. Start with organizing things, organized stuff not only looks clean but stylish, you might have a lot of keys in your house, if yes then you require to a holder for them so that they do not make your room or your home look messy, you can buy one or make one for yourself, making it would be easy and super fun and in the end it would help you keep your keys organized at least.
  2. Take your terracotta pot and paint it, it would not only make the pot look new but would also catch the attention
  3. Start hanging your jewelry, the market is full of jewelry holders and they are pretty much cheap.
  4. If the headboard of your bed has a lot of scratches and does not look up to the mark then you can simply use the idea of sugar and cloth, first of all, you are required to apply a peel and then stick the brass.
  5. Get a little creative and paint something, for instance, a leaf so that you can bring the nice vibe inside your home and then frame it and hang it on your wall, do not worry even if you are bad at the painting you can buy one from the nearby store.
  6. Make a coat holder using an accordion rack and contact paper; coat holders give a nice luxurious look to the apartment.
  7. Concrete vases are on the trending list and you can easily paint them, put some nice plants in them.
  8. Add a little spark to your boring laundry baskets, Graphics baskets put stickers on your boring baskets or you can write some silly quotes on them.
  9. Are you a book lover?if yes then you might have a lot of books if yes then arrange them according to their color, put them on a shelf which is in the corner and then while arranging them follow the color code, it would make your books appear catchy. 
  10. Paint your boring jars use sprays to paint them and later put colored labels on them, yes after being painted they would not only look new but would make the surrounding look more tolerable



Fresh Ginger Cake

This recipe is of one of the easiest cakes in the world, does not require a lot of ingredients, does not take a lot of time and is super easy to make, people order this cake all the time because they think that they won’t be able to bake it properly but there is no such thing, you can easily bake a ginger cake at home.


  • fresh ginger (four ounces) 
  • molasses (Mild, one cup full) 
  • sugar (one cup full) 
  • vegetable oil (one cup full, i would suggest peanut one) 
  • flour (Two and a half cup) 
  • ground cinnamon (one small spoon) 
  • Ground cloves (half a small spoon) 
  • black pepper (half a small spoon) 
  • water (one cup full) 
  • baking soda (two small spoons) 
  • Eggs ( two, medium-sized) 



  1. Take the rack and place it in the center of your oven, after placing the rack turn the oven on and heat it to about three hundred and fifty degrees, now line a cake pan (preferably round one) using parchment paper 
  2. Take a knife, a ginger and chop the ginger using the knife, first of all, you need to peel the ginger then slice it once done with the slicing chop it, take a bowl and transfer the chopped ginger to it and add oil, sugar, and molasses, after adding these ingredients to the bowl which has the chopped ginger mix them well, now take a medium-sized bowl and in that bowl sift together cinnamon, black pepper, cloves, and flour. 
  3. Take a saucepan, place it on your stove, turn your stove on, set the level of heat at medium and then add water to the water, bring it to boil and once the water starts boiling add baking soda, keep the stove on for another sixty seconds and then turn it off, transfer the water to the mixture that we made in the last step, after adding the hot water add ginger 
  4. Now add the dry ingredients to your batter and after adding whisk, leave the mixture alone for a few seconds and then break eggs in the bowl and after breaking the egg into the batter mix the batter well. 
  5. Now you need to pour the prepared batter into your cake pan and once done pouring bake for about an hour ( you will get to know it’s ready at the top of your cake you spring right back when you would insert a toothpick into its center if it does not then you will have to cover it with a piece of foil and after covering you will have to bake the cake again) 
  6. Once done baking, let the cake cool down and for this, you will have to keep it aside for about thirty to forty minutes, after thirty-forty minutes take a knife and run it around your cake’s edge, after this remove your delicious cake from your pan and after removing from your pan peel the sheet off 
  7. Do not forget to show us some love, all your suggestions are most welcome in the comment section below 

Swirl Bread Rollers

The bread that you are soon going to make is irreplaceable you for sure will get addicted to it, List of ingredients is divided into two parts 

Ingredients required for making the bread 

  • all-purpose flour ( about two cups) 
  • baking soda (one small spoon) 
  • salt (half a small spoon) 
  • chocolate chips (Semi-sweet) 
  • One egg (Large-sized) 
  • Dark brown and granulated sugar 
  • buttermilk (do not use any other milk than buttermilk as this recipe strictly requires buttermilk) 
  • vegetable oil (substitute- canola coconut oil) 
  • vanilla extract (one small spoon) 

Ingredients required for making the swirl 

  • ground cinnamon (one big spoon) 
  • granulated sugar 


  1. Turn your oven on and then heat it to about three hundred and fifty degrees, take a nonstick spray and spray it on your loaf pan (make sure that the size is nine x five), I would suggest that you use a pan which has a dark mark. 
  1. We will start with making the swirl and for it, you will have to combine the sugar and the cinnamon, take a small-sized bowl and in that bowl add cinnamon and sugar, use a spoon to mix it after mixing keep the bowl aside. 
  1. After swirl we are supposed to make bread for it you would require a large-sized bowl in that bowl add baking soda, chocolate chips, salt, and flour(toss it), now mix all the ingredients after mixing properly keep the large-sized bowl aside. Now take a medium-sized bowl and in that bowl break an egg, whisk it after whisking add granulated and brown sugar, once done adding all the required ingredients start mixing (always remember there is no place for lumps in this recipe), now add oil, vanilla, and buttermilk to the bowl, after adding all the remaining ingredients mix again. It’s time to combine the wet and the dry ingredients start with pouring the wet ingredients and once both, wet and dry ingredients are in the same bowl, whisk them make sure you leave no lumps but do not overmix  
  1. Now it’s time to pour almost the half of your batter into your pan (make sure that you do it evenly) once done with pouring the batter top the batter with the sugar-cinnamon mixture, if feeling greedy by looking at the chocolate chips then do not worry you can get greedy and sprinkle some more  
  1. Cover your bread with a foil sheet and after covering bake it for about fifty to sixty minutes, to check if it’s properly baked use a toothpick and poke in its center before you begin cutting the bread allow it to cool down 
  1. If you are not planning to finish the entire bread you can cover it tightly and keep it at normal room temperature and like this, it would stay fresh and the most amazing thing is that after two days the flavor of the bread intensifies, you can freeze it and then it would stay in an edible condition for almost two months